Thousands Gather In Sydney To Celebrate New Year With Kylie Minogue

Category: Society / Dec 31, 2012 9:10AM EDT
Thousands of New Year's Eve fans made their way to Sydney Harbor on Monday (December 31) to claim vantage spots for the midnight fireworks display. Families and tourists laid out blankets and had picnics to pass the time. Singer Kylie Minogue, who is the creative ambassador for the New Year's Eve event greeted the crowds as she walked pass. "Honestly, I've been so excited about coming home since I first signed up for the project, which was a year ago so, here I am and now it's a reality, it's so exciting," she said. Up to 7 tons of fireworks were launched from the Harbor Bridge and seven city buildings at a cost of $6.6 million ($6.86 million USD). The show was watched by over a billion people worldwide.