Thousands Of Langoustines Found Dead In Central Chile

Category: Technology / Mar 20, 2013 6:03PM EDT
Authorities were perplexed on Wednesday (March 20) by thousands of dead langoustines that washed up on a coast in central Chile's. The prosecutor heading the investigation, Ana Maria Aldana, said police were compiling as much evidence as possible to determine what killed the vast number of crustaceans. Officials said that police were going to probe a variety of possibilities in an effort to understand how the langoustines died. They will be looking at temperature, electric conductivity, and oxygen levels. In recent years a startling number of dead sea creatures have been washing up on South America's Pacific coasts. Environmental experts have said that causes vary depending on the kind of animal and the location, but that some of the possible explanations include viruses, offshore oil exploration, and poisoned food sources. Video Source: Reuters