Tiger Woods Explains Why He Decided To Go Public With New Girlfriend

Category: Sports / Mar 21, 2013 8:29AM EDT
Tiger Woods is one of the most notorious and successful sports star of his time. A leader on the golf course, his career took a turn for the worst in 2009 when scandal and stories of affairs rocked the star and his marriage. But now it seems the decorated golfer has moved on with new blond and Olympic gold medalist Lindsey Vonn. The golfer and his new beau released pictures and went public with their relationship. Many were left to wonder, why the golfer invited that sort of public attention to his personal life. Tiger Woods then explained that the public announcement was made to “devalue” any paparazzi photos of the new couple: "It's very simple. We're very happy where we are at but we wanted to limit the stalkerazzi and all those sleazy websites that are out there...following us. I've had situations where it’s very dangerous for my kids and the extent that they will go to. We basically devalued the first photos and unfortunately that's just the way it is in our society right now and we felt like it was the best thing to do and I'm very happy about it." The new ‘It’ sports couple are officially dating and looking at the pictures appear very happy with each other. Hopefully this time Tiger doesn’t get caught in the woods with another sex scandal, which almost ruined his career, along with his marriage to Elin Nordegren with whom he has two children with. Video Courtesy Of Reuters