Tight-Rope Walking Bears Steal The Show In St. Petersburg

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 06, 2013 10:35AM EDT
A nautically-themed tight-rope performance, developed by the Bolshi Circus in St. Petersburg, has created quite a spectacle. While the acrobats performing in “Mamba-Karamba” impressed the crowd with their tightrope tricks, 5 members of the troupe get the most applause. In addition to the human performers, the team has five brown bears, trained to handle the difficult balancing act. The troupe leader explained that the bears were unique because they can walk perfectly backwards and forwards on their fore and hind legs, ride on bicycles, and climb to a 10 meter high bridge. But, because bears have a fear of heights, they never climb too far from the surface. The troupe leader doesn’t make any distinctions between its bear and human performers, because he feels they are one team. Even the bears’ fellow tightrope walkers were impressed with how quickly they learned how to perform their tricks. Video Source: Reuters