Toddler Nearly Dies after Ingesting 37 BuckyBalls

Category: Health / Mar 06, 2012 2:42PM EDT

A three-year-old Oregon girl was playing with Buckyball earth magnets last week when she mistakenly ingested 37 of the magnetic balls.

Payton Bushnell's parents initially thought she had stomach flu, but rushed her to the hospital when her symptoms worsened.

An X-ray showed that the magnets had formed a ring in her body, snapping her intestines together and puncturing one hole in her stomach and three holes in her lower intestine.

She had surgery last weekend and is expected a full recovery.

Bushnell's parents believe she confused the magnets with the small decorative balls the family uses to decorate cakes.

The maker of the novelty desk toys made a statement on their website Tuesday warning parents that 'Buckyballs' are made for adults, they are not intended for children.

Buckyballs are advertised as powerful rare earth magnets by the company and marketed for adults as stress relievers.