Tom Ford Showcases Lavish Collection At London Fashion Week

Category: Fashion / Feb 19, 2013 10:12AM EDT
American designer Tom Ford showcased a lavish womenswear collection at London Fashion Week on Monday. London is fast becoming one of the world’s most fashionable and international cities in the world, as confirmed by Ford backstage ahead of his collection: ''You know the world is more and more the same and stylistically these things are becoming kind of icons, and we live in this cross-cultural world. So that was, and London by the way is the most international of I think all cities, and I spend a lot of time here so I'm influenced by that," Ford himself is one of the biggest names in fashion with the global expansion of his brand that includes stores in Europe and beyond: ''And you know England does produce some of the most creative designers in the world, and often they do leave, they go to France or they go to Italy to work, and that's not necessarily a bad thing. but I love London, I love being here, probably selfish reasons for me, you know my office is here, my design studio is here, my showroom is here, I want my son to go to school here and so I want to work and go home,'' In his latest collection Ford sent bomber jackets, cowhide shirts and embellished evening gowns down the runway. Ford will also be opening a new store up in London in autumn.