TomTato Hybrid Plant Produces Both Tomatoes And Potatoes: Is It Safe And Natural To Eat?

Category: Science / Sep 27, 2013 10:15AM EDT

Is it a tomato or is it a potato? A British company says it’s both with the launch of their hybrid plant on Thursday. Both vegetable and fruit will grow and the plant is called TomTato. But is this hybrid plant safe to enjoy?

Surprisingly this uniquely delicious plant is not the result of genetic engineering, but each plant is individually hand-grafted. Above the ground tomatoes grow and below the potatoes. Each plant has the potential to grow more than 500 tomatoes and a crop of potatoes.

But is it safe to eat? Answering that is Michael Perry who is the product development manager:

"It's a hundred percent natural, so no GMs involved, it is completely natural and safe and each plant is grafted by hand so a very, very delicate process."

"It's not a gimmick at all, it is brilliant space saving, you know we've got less space in our gardens these days, we can't all get on the waiting list for allotments, we don't have veg patches, but these can be grown really really easily on the patio. So you've got two plants, two crops in one pot and more excitingly a fruit and a vegetable: the tomato and the potato."

Gimmick or not this is the first time the plants have been successfully produced commercially.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters