Tragic Collision As Train Slams Into Bus In Pennsylvania

Category: Media & Culture / Apr 26, 2013 3:47PM EDT
11 people have been reported as injured after a train slammed into a bus in Pennsylvania. The accident occurred at an unmarked crossing on Friday and some of the injured are in a critical condition. The accident occurred about 25 miles northwest of Pittsburgh, as emergency crews were called to the scene. It wasn’t clear if the train slammed into the bus or vice versa. Brian Greenawait a paramedic commented on the scene: "There were a total of 11 people of the bus including the driver. All 11 people were transported for evaluation. They were age ranges 30 to elderly. And they were all mentally challenged," The exact cause of the accident is still unknown although there was heavy fog in the area but it is unclear if this played a factor in the tragic collision.