Tragic Nightclub Fire Kills 232 People

Category: World / Jan 28, 2013 8:38AM EDT
Tragedy struck southern Brazil on Sunday after a night out of dancing for over 232 people ended in death after a fire broke out. Panic erupted and what ensued was a human stampede blocking the exits. Officials at this stage are blaming the band’s pyrotechnics for the fire. The scene was one of chaos and fear and those who lived were taken to hospital to be treated for their injuries. At least one exit was locked, and bouncers blocked the exit initially as they suspected people were trying to run out on paying their bar bill. The majority of the victims were university students and they died from asphyxiation, while others were crushed by the human stampede caused by the panic. The Boate Kiss nightclub had approximately 500 patrons at 2:30am when the fire broke out. In total 232 people lost their lives: One of the club’s owners had already surrendered to the police for questioning. (Video Courtesy Of Reuters)