Tropical Storm Manuel Releases Fury Across Mexico’s Acapulco

Category: World / Sep 16, 2013 3:45PM EDT

Heavy flooding has unleashed furious weather across Mexico’s resort city of Acapulco after the storm battered Mexico’s Pacific coast.  Tropical Storm Manuel shut down Acapulco’s famous beaches as winds of 30 mph whipped across the region.

It has been reported that 11 people have lost their lives from landslides and a building collapse, while many were forced to evacuate their homes as the flooding intensified. Officials are now working in the affected areas to offer support as the death toll rises.

Heavy rain fall is expected to continue as Storm Manuel begins to move over west-central Mexico. Tropical storms are responsible for killing 22 people across the hurting country as now they prepare for Ingrid the second hurricane of the Atlantic season.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters