Turkish Airline Bans Hostesses From Red Or Pink Lipstick And Nail Polish

Category: Media & Culture / May 02, 2013 4:05PM EDT
Turkish airline staff striking over working conditions in Istanbul said on Thursday (May 2) they strongly objected to the company's latest decision to ban air hostesses from wearing red or pink lipstick and nail polish. Turkish Airlines' decision to amended its cabin crew dress code is the latest in a string of new measures adopted by the company, reportedly in response to passenger complaints. The ban sparked fresh debate as Turkish airlines defended the new dress code in a written statement published on their website on Thursday saying simple make-up in pastel colors was preferred for employees in the service sector. Airline staff have criticized the ban. Some of them have been striking for over year calling for better working conditions and new regulations. In recent months the 49 percent state-owned company has also stopped serving alcohol on internal flights and also introduced new uniforms for flight attendants with ankle-length dresses. In a separate written statement Turkish airlines said changes to outfits were being implemented as a part of the airline's ongoing re-branding efforts. Video Source: Reuters