Twitter Inc (TWTR) IPO: Watch Social Media Giant Go Public At NYSE

Category: Companies / Nov 07, 2013 1:50PM EDT

Twitter Inc. (NYSE: TWTR) soared in its market debut on Thursday as the stock opened at $45.10, up over 70 percent from the $26 IPO price set on Wednesday evening. Doreen Mogavero, Founder of Mogavero Lee & Co., weighs in on the initial public offering and why the New York Stock Exchange is the "proactive choice" for the social media company. 

The estimated offering price range was originally $23-$25 per share, up from a previous $17-$20 per share range; however, on Wednesday evening Twitter's underwriters priced its stock at $26 per share on strong market momentum.

In afternoon trading, shares of twitter jumped 76.73 percent to $45.95 on Thursday.