Ukrainian Champagne Producer Offers Apocalypse Party in Wine Cellars

Category: Society / Dec 13, 2012 10:22AM EDT
Ukraine's famous champagne producer the "New World" winery, is offering to host an Apocalypse event in its underground cellars where attendee's will be able to simultaneously survive the apocalypse as predicted by ancient Mayan calendars, while also drinking sparkling wine. The cellars, which store bottles of a bubbly drink traditionally called champagne since the Soviet era, were built 135 years ago near the Black Sea to produce a Russian sparkling wine based on French Champagne technology. Now the winery is offering 400 bed places and 5 deluxe suites in its long tunnels, which the organizers say is enough room to comfortably house hundreds of people, should the Apocalypse occur. Some potential guests have already begun visiting the cellars to investigate the rooms. Some of the winery's staff are also planning to retreat to the cellars on December 21, should the end of the world occur on that day. Winery director Irina Pavlenko explained that the cellars had served as a hideout many times over its 135 year old history. She also said that the winery had stockpiled enough food for some 400 people to live underground for two weeks. The cellars, which have an average temperature of 14-16 degrees Celsius have also been equipped with heating facilities and an oven for food preparation. For anyone choosing to bunk over in the cellars on December 21, there will also, naturally, be plenty of sparkling wine on offer.