UK's David Cameron And Prince Harry Talk Business In NYC

Category: World / May 14, 2013 4:20PM EDT


British Prime Minister David Cameron and His Royal Highness Prince Harry caught a red double-decker London bus together on Tuesday (May 14) through the streets of New York.

The pair joined forces to highlight the "GREAT" campaign, a UK government initiative to promote the country as a destination for tourism, education, culture and economic partnership for Americans.

Prince Harry arrived at the event space after visiting hard-hit areas in New Jersey by Superstorm Sandy earlier in the day, while Cameron was in Boston to visit the site of the recent marathon bombing.

Inside, Cameron told reporters that in New York, he wants to celebrate the strong ties between Great Britain and the United States.

"It really struck me on this visit, first in Washington (D.C.) with President Obama talking about how our troops worked together all over the wold, including in Afghanistan. Then in Boston, reflecting on the fact that both our countries have been victims to appalling terrorist acts. And now though here in New York on a happier note, celebrating the immense economic collaboration between our two countries. Every single month, there is $17 billion dollars (USD) worth of trade done between Britain and America. We are incredibly close partners economically, and that's really what we're here to talk about," he said.

The prime minister and prince were joined by around 100 British business leaders and were presented both with dolls made in their likeness, created by UK firm Makies.

Prince Harry is on a tour through the United States until Wednesday (May 15) while Cameron in on a three-day trip to the United States.

Earlier in the week he held talks with United States President Barack Obama in Washington D.C. on issues including Syria, Iran and global trade.

Video Source: Reuters