The Undead Head Down The Aisle For 'Dead Island Riptide' Wedding

Category: Media & Culture / Apr 24, 2013 3:18PM EDT
It may look like two people getting made up to star in a zombie horror film, but instead final preparations were taking place for the UK's first zombie-themed weddings on Tuesday (April 23). Horror-obsessed couple Jennifer Jones and Rob Blackmore were transformed into shuffling zombies after winning a competition to hold the quirky wedding as part of the release of the new zombie computer game, "Dead Island Riptide." The ceremony took place at One Mayfair in central London and was attended by more than 250 people. It was themed as a hellish Caribbean paradise after the setting of the game and included a zombified mariachi band and a brain wedding cake. Talking after the ceremony, Jones explained, "It was our friends who were like this is perfect for you, you have to enter it. We looked at it and said it's pretty much us, horror, scary things, zombies, gamers." Blackmore added "It was all there. Our original plan was to get married on Halloween and have a horror themed wedding but this is even better." The game, "Dead Island Riptide" goes on sale on Friday (April 26). Video Source: Reuters