U.S. Marines Drink Snake Blood In Cobra Gold Jungle Survival Exercise

Category: World / Feb 20, 2013 1:42PM EDT
United States Marines took part in a jungle survival exercise in Thailand on Wednesday (February 20). A hundred U.S. and Thai soldiers swapped skills on how to survive in a tropical forest at a Thai Navy base 145 kilometers (90 miles) east of Bangkok. Thai soldiers showed U.S. Marines how to catch a cobra with their bare hands and how to find water in the jungle as well as drinking snake blood to survive. "(The taste of snake blood was) Terrible, really terrible, but it is a good experience. It's something I can always tell my grandchildren about, " said U.S. Marine Second Lieutenant Ted Powers Some said the exchange of the skills is very helpful. "The exercise is useful because you'll never know where we'll be training or where any combat environment might be. It is very useful to work with these guys because we can end up in a situation or area just like this," said U.S. Marine Sergeant Robert Dominguez. The exercise is intended to teach soldiers to distinguish between different kinds of jungle plants and animals that can be eaten in time of need, and how to survive in a tropical forest. Seven nations - the U.S. Thailand, Japan, Indonesia, South Korea, Singapore and Malaysia - take part in the biggest joint military exercise in Asia with several observing nations including Myanmar. It has been hosted annually by Thailand since 1982 and involves at least 13, 000 military personnel. Video Source: Reuters