Vicious Dog Attack Kills 2 Year Old: Another Toddler In Separate Dog Attack Is Hospitalized in Australia

Category: World / Aug 05, 2013 2:46PM EDT

A two year old boy died after a dog viciously attacked the toddler in rural New South Wales, Australia on Sunday. The dog which was responsible for his death was a mastiff cross and it belonged to the boy’s cousin. His 70 year old grandmother had tried unsuccessfully to stop the attack and was later treated at hospital for exhaustion.

The dog was destroyed after the incident as confirmed by a police report. Prime Minister Kevin Rudd called the incident ‘heartbreaking’:

"It's just heartbreaking, it's just awful, it's heartbreaking and for the parents this is just horror, absolute horror. On the practicalities of what governments can do I am all ears in terms of anything, any other level of government wants by way of support on practical measures to control violent dogs," 

Detectives are now preparing a report for the coroner as the brutality of this mauling was unusual.

Just one day later on Monday another dog attack ended with a two year old boy being air lifted to hospital. The unrelated attack involved three American bulldogs in Brisbane, Queensland. The mother of the little boy was also taken to hospital.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters