Violence Flares In Egypt On Anniversary Of Uprising

Category: World / Jan 25, 2013 11:18AM EDT
Youths fought Egyptian police in Alexandria and Cairo on Friday (January 25) on the second anniversary of the revolt that toppled Hosni Mubarak. The Jan. 25 anniversary showcased the divide between the Islamists and their secular foes that is hindering President Mohamed Mursi's efforts to revive an economy in crisis and reverse a plunge in Egypt's currency by enticing back investors and tourists. Inspired by Tunisia's historic popular uprising, Egypt's revolution spurred further revolts across the Arab world. But the sense of common purpose that united Egyptians two years ago has given way to internal strife that has only worsened and last month triggered lethal street battles. In Alexandria on Friday, protesters and riot police fought near local government offices. Tear gas filled the air and black smoke billowed from tires set ablaze by youths. Nine people were wounded by birdshot pellets, according to medical and security sources. In Cairo's Tahrir Square, opponents of Mursi and his Muslim Brotherhood allies massed to revive the demands of a revolution they say has been betrayed by Islamists. The parties that called for Friday's protests also listed demands including a complete overhaul of the constitution. Mursi's supporters say enacting the constitution quickly was crucial to restoring stability desperately needed for economic recovery, and that the opposition is making the situation worse by perpetuating unrest.