‘War Witch’ Carries Canada’s Hopes For Oscar Glory

Category: Entertainment / Jan 10, 2013 7:08PM EDT
Canada's Oscar hopes are riding high with "War Witch," originally released under the title "Rebelle" securing a best foreign language film nomination. The movie, about a young girl forced to become a child soldier, was directed by Kim Nguyen. "We all showed up here and as they were announcing the things they were saying it was in alphabetical order. And then they said German and then Chile and then automatically we thought, 'oh, that's it, we're out of the game' because we didn't - the order didn't make sense. And then they said Canada 'War Witch' and we just shook the floor up and screamed, you know, even had tears to our eyes," he said. The film, which took over a decade to complete, was a labor of love for Nguyen. "The biggest struggles in film making are, most of the times you - you know, you against yourself. And trying to go that extra mile. Go in those harder areas, in those shadows of the story were you should go, and convince people that you should go there." The Academy Award winners will be announced on February 24 in Hollywood, California. -Reuters