Watch David Beckham Strip Down To His H&M Underwear In New Guy Ritchie Ad

Category: Entertainment / Feb 07, 2013 11:41AM EDT
A nearly-naked David Beckham is left running through the streets of Beverly Hills after being de-robed and locked out of his house in a new ad for H&M. The British soccer ace is seen getting his bath robe trapped in the door of a four-by-four vehicle, which then proceeds to drive off leaving Beckham in just his underwear. To add to his calamity, Beckham turns around just in time to see his front door shut behind him, locking him out. He then sets off on a mad-cap race, leaping over hedgerows and dodging guard dogs as he chases down the four-by-four with his robe flapping in the in the vehicle door. The advert ends with Beckham losing sight of the vehicle just as a bus load of tourists turn up and proceed to snap away at him standing in his underwear. The 37-year-old former LA Galaxy midfielder made a surprise move to Paris St Germain on transfer deadline day last month when many had written him off. The transfer grabbed the attention of the world's media after he signed a five-month contract and agreed to donate his salary to a children's charity in Paris. Before joining LA Galaxy in 2007, Beckham achieved international celebrity at Manchester United and then Real Madrid. The advert was directed by British director Guy Ritchie who made 2009's hit "Sherlock Holmes", starring Robert Downey Jr, and its 2011 sequel "Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows." (Video Source: Reuters)