WATCH: Handcuffed Burglary Suspect Steals Police Car

Category: US Society / Dec 13, 2012 1:15PM EDT
A police surveillance video captured a handcuffed burglary suspect escaping from custody by stealing a police car in Texas. The suspect escaped from police on Friday (December 7) by somehow getting his arms in front of him while handcuffed and then sneaking from the backseat of a police car into the driver's seat and speeding away. The entire incident was caught on camera by the dash cam of a nearby police cruiser. The suspect who escaped from police in White Settlement, Texas last week was arrested on Wednesday (December 12). Darren Douglas Porter, 41, is now in custody in the city jail. Porter remained at large for several days after police found the stolen car at a nearby apartment complex. Porter was originally arrested for attempting to break into an antique shop.