Watch: Insane Vigilante Violence As Members Whip Women In Peru Night-Club

Category: World / Jan 06, 2014 3:22PM EDT

Vigilante violence is disturbing to see in this video as members of a local group ascended on a night club in western Peru and began to hit the women working there with whips. The violence was captured late on Sunday evening as the perpetrators are part of an anonymous group. It has been locally reported that this particular group conducts these sorts of violent drills as a way to eradicate prostitution and crime.

But from this video one would be left to question what sort of good can come from this sort of violence?

You can see the terror in the women’s faces, as they are shoved, whipped and try to dodge the hooded group members. Men who tried to intercept the perpetrators were also pushed and whipped; some were forced to the ground.

The name of the group is yet to be revealed, but what the video shows is a site of terror, as some fifty women are seen to be physically harmed by the vigilante terror.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters