Watch Shenzhou 10 Spacecraft Complete Fly-Around Docking With Target Module

Category: Technology / Jun 25, 2013 4:14PM EDT

Chinese spacecraft Shenzhou-10 on Tuesday morning docked with the target module Tiangong-1 from behind after flying around the latter, the Beijing Aerospace Control Center said.

This marked the success of China's first such flying-around and docking test.

Shenzhou-10 undocked from Tiangong-1 space module, changed the orbit, and flew around behind the module before re-docking with it.

Experts said the test aimed to verify the spacecraft fly-around and space rendezvous and docking technologies so as to gather experience for the building of subsequent space station.

The spacecraft, launched on June 11 with three astronauts aboard, will return to Earth at about 08:00 Wednesday as scheduled, according to the center.


Video Credit: Reuters