‘Way to go Miles. Way to save Gotham ‘: President Obama Praises 5 Year Old Hero, ‘Batkid’

Category: Media & Culture / Nov 18, 2013 8:36AM EDT

It was a dream comes true for a five year old boy who has been suffering from Leukemia, when he was able to trade in the hospital gown for a black latex costume to become ‘BatKid’. The Make-A-Wish Foundation in San Francisco turned the city into ‘Gotham City’ as thousands turned out to watch the young boy fight crime and become a hero.

Batkid ‘saved’ a woman who had a fake bomb strapped to her, as people cheered to watch Batkid beat Batman’s enemy The Ridler. Miles has been battling this disease since he was one years old; he is now in remission and will start kindergarten this year.

His story and this touching video have made headlines across the country and even the President was impressed. He posted a video to social media praising the young boy.

"Way to go Miles. Way to save Gotham."



Video Courtesy Of Reuters