Welcome To Macca's: McDonald's Gets A New Name Down Under

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 08, 2013 11:17AM EDT
Looking for a McDonald's in Australia this month? You may bump into a "Macca's" instead. For the first time in its history, the international fast food giant will temporarily change signs at selected stores across the country to "Macca's," the affectionate Australian nickname for the chain, in celebration of Australia Day, which falls on January 26. Surveys have shown at least 50 percent of Australians use the nickname. Thirteen stores will change their signs this week, starting in the state of New South Wales on Tuesday (January 8), the company said. Eight-year-old Felix Martin is happy with the name change. "I prefer Macca's, because it's shorter than McDonald's," he said. But some prefer that the name remains unofficial. "Then it's not fun using the slang is it. We'll have to come up with another name," said Simon Andrews. Australian English has a number of unique slang phrases. According to a national survey, "Macca's" is the second most recognized Australianism, just behind "footy" for Australian football. The company says the regular McDonald's signs will return on February 4, 2013.