Whale Exhibit At Museum Of Natural History Highlights Majestic Giants

Category: Technology / Mar 24, 2013 7:34PM EDT
Whales: Giants of the Deep opens at the American Museum of Natural History on March 23 and the exhibit transports visitors to the stunning underwater world of the mightiest animals on Earth. The new exhibition highlights whale evolution, biology, diversity, and whale conservation. By the mid-1900s, commercial whaling left many whale populations severely depleted, as Europe and America actively hunted whales for their rich blubber. While much is known about whales and their ancestors, there is still a lot to learn and new discoveries are being made every day. Whales are mammals, like us, and their ancestors used to walk on land, but some 55 million years ago whales evolved to live in the sea. Whales features more than 20 skulls and skeletons, including many rare specimens, on tour from the Museum of New Zealand Te Papa Tongarewa. New Zealand is home to the Maori people, whose mythologies and histories are deeply tied to whales. The day IBTimes TV got a sneak peak of the new exhibition, the Senior Curator of Maori, from Te Papa in New Zealand, explained the relationship between the Maori tribe and whales, why it’s important to carry on Maori traditions, and even blessed the exhibit space with a traditional Maori song. While there are many fun interactive spots in the Whales exhibit, it’s clear that the life-size replica of a blue whale heart is the main attraction. According to a group of kids exploring the whale heart, the Whales exhibit is going to be a hit. Whales: Giants of the Deep runs from March 23 to January 5, so you have all summer to come learn about these fascinating marine mammals.