What Is The Paleo Diet? The Most Searched Diet On Google For 2013

Category: Media & Culture / Jan 08, 2014 4:51PM EDT

With a new year comes hope to be a better person and achieve more goals- A lot of people want to lose that excess baggage especially after over-indulging in the new year. There are so many diet trends and fads out there, like, The Atkins, Weight Waters, The Mediterranean and The Paleo Diet.

The Paleo Diet was the most searched diet plan on Google for 2013, but what on earth is it? In essence this diet encourages you to think like a hunter and only eat what you yourself could find. Think meat, fish, seeds, fruit, eggs and vegetables.

But it seems the big fault with this diet is the fact that it is hard to maintain with strict instructions to avoid processed foods, refined sugars, and salt. Ordering at a restaurant may come as a challenge for those wanting to eat like a cave-man.

With all diet plans there are lists of pros and cons, and when deciding on a strategy for yourself It’s important to discover what works best for your lifestyle. The problem with diets is their inability to last long-term. If you want to shift the weight you need to make positive and lasting changes to your lifestyle.

Fads come and go, while you may loss the weight, often the hardest part is keeping that weight off.