What’s That Smell? Man Has A New Nose Grown On His Forehead

Category: Science / Sep 27, 2013 2:10PM EDT

This is something you certainly don’t smell or see every day as a man in China has a new nose grown on his forehead. The 22 year old man who is being treated in hospital had a traffic accident just last year.

Following the accident he had basic treatment, with no plastic surgery. Because of an infection that had so badly damaged the cartilage reconstruction was impossible.

But how did he grow a new nose?

Skin tissue expander was put on his forehead and cut into the shape of a nose and cartilage was made from the man’s own ribs. After nine months of growing the second nose the doctors are now confident they will be able to perform a successful transplant surgery.

While the method of growing a nose on someone’s forehead is quite simply bizarre the actual nose reconstruction technique is fairly common. Now sooner rather than later this young man will be able to smell again, and not by using his forehead.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters