Where is the IPad 3 and is There an IPad 4?

Category: Companies / Feb 23, 2012 12:33PM EDT

Apple is reportedly testing an 8 inch iPad in its labs, but will it be released in addition to the IPad3? Apple officials have said that the 8 inch IPad would feature a similar resolution to the Ipad2. However other reports differ with rumors that apple would double the pixel density of the IPad 2 and the IPad 3. So what would the new product be an Ipad4 or a mini I pad?

The possibility of a smaller tablet would make apple more competitive with the likes of Amazon and Barnes and Noble who are releasing there own tablets which are almost half the price of the I Pad 2. Amazon's kindle fire for example is 7 inches long and costs $199.

Looking back at Apples history, they received huge amounts of success for their various IPODS mixing up the shapes and sizes thus reinventing their classic over and over . The tablet market is now a huge player in the tech world, as companies continue to develop new versions and compete for your money