Why Is Fashion Designer Vivienne Westwood Protesting?

Category: World / Aug 16, 2013 3:06PM EDT

Bringing fashion and star power to an English protest against fracking was icon Vivienne Westwood on Friday. The environmental protest in West Sussex was organized to address the controversial process of fracking, in the growing campaign against drilling for shale gas.

"We've had no debate about it, we don't know if it will do good or bad, I mean I am sure it is very, very bad. And, the only people who are going to benefit from it is this energy company, who are all associated with the government, it is all in their vested interests, it's like a kind of club, it's really obvious."

The flamboyant fashion designer was vocal about her concerns and made her presence known as she joined the protestors, some of which have been camping out for the past three weeks.

Public debate in the UK on shale gas and fracking has got heated in the past few months: The Prime Minister of the UK David Cameron just this week however gave his support to fracking, risking his popularity in rural areas.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters