Why Petco Should Stop The Sale Of Rodents In Light Of Aidan Pankey’s Death

Category: Media & Culture / Mar 07, 2014 12:23PM EDT

Aidan Pankey from San Diego was just 10 when he died from rat-bite fever from his pet rat purchased from Petco. His family is now suing the retailer for damages as it has been determined that the rat was carrying an infection when it was sold to the Pankey family.

Now People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) are petitioning Petco to end the sale of all rodents. Dan Paden, PETA’s Evidence Analysis Manager said that not only is the retail giant’s treatment of animals inhumane, it is also a concern for human’s safety and health.

According to Paden rats are not the only rodents who can carry deadly diseases like rat-bite fever. PETA says now is the time to end the sale of all rodents, so another tragedy like Aidan Pankey can be avoided.

To date Petco has not responded to PETA about their petition to end the sale of all rodents.