Why You’ll Want To Hail New York’s Newest Taxi: The Nissan NV200’s Top Features

Category: Companies / Nov 07, 2013 4:22PM EDT

Built for New Yorkers to ride in style around the streets of NYC is the new NV 200 by Nissan, New York’s new taxicab. The ride however has not been smooth: Firstly the vehicle did not come in a hybrid version, much to the disappointment of New Yorkers. In addition a judge recently ruled against Mayor Bloomberg’s deal to make the taxi the exclusive cab of NYC.

But the car, futuristic in feel, does have some cool features that will make your journey as a passenger more enjoyable. Firstly, the doors slide, and don’t open to the busy streets of NYC. You have much more leg-room, and can control what you hear with a driver intercom. You can also charge your phone- but don’t forget your phone cord.

If you feel like taking in the city, there is no better way to see it than with a panoramic roof that allows you to see the famous skyline. But now that this is not the exclusive taxi of the city, will taxi drivers still buy the car?