Will ’50 Shades Of Grey’ Make Box Office Gold In 2015?

Category: Media & Culture / Nov 15, 2013 3:21PM EDT

’50 Shades Of Grey’ hit shelves around the world in 2011 as a shocking erotic romance novel that sold over 70 million copies. Now, with that sort of a following it can only be expected that a film will be made. And made it will, as shooting will begin in Canada in less than three weeks.

Cast in the lead roles for the steamy film are two largely unknown actors, Jamie Doran and Dekota Johnson. A list of the full cast list however has not been released. Rumors have begun to swirl that Hollywood starlets, Rose McGowen and Katie Holmes could join the cast of the highly anticipated film.

The release date of the film has been pushed back, and now fans will have to wait till February 2015 before they can see their favorite book on the silver screen. The big question is, will it live up to its hype and will it even gain a cult following, like The Hunger Games or Twilight franchise?