Is That Will And Kate? Lookalikes Fool Media Outside London Hospital

Category: Media & Culture / Jul 19, 2013 3:25PM EDT

As hundreds of media and fans continue to wait out the front of St Mary’s Hospital in London they were fooled when Will and Kate look-alikes turned up causing quite the stir and I’m sure some much needed entertainment to the otherwise bored crowd.

Some of the photographers have been braving the London heat for well over two weeks as Kate is expected to give birth any day now with her due date being in mid-July, although no one knows the exact date.

The look-alikes seen in the video are surely cashing in on their celebrity looks, but it was revealed they were not the real deal as they were wearing T-Shirt’s promoting Britain’s Sun newspaper they read

“The Sun- No 1 for Royal Baby News”

Sadly, the photographers needed to put their cameras away and wait for the real thing as ‘The Great Kate Wait’ continues into the weekend.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters