Will ‘Star Trek’ Influence The Naming Of Pluto’s Newly Discovered Moons?

Category: Technology / Feb 21, 2013 4:28PM EDT
It seems thousands of Star Trek fans are taking charge in leading the quest to name Pluto’s pair of new moons. Even the movie’s star William Shatner is getting in on the fun to campaign the moons be called Vulcan, after the character Spock’s home planet. Shatner begun the mission to name the moons after scientists appealed for help in naming the newly discovered moons. On Thursday at the Smithsonian Air and Space Museum it seemed others were on board team Vulcan: "I think that would be pretty cool because it's in space and Star Trek is a good movie, so yeah." "That would be pretty cool. I think it would be great also because kids in school they have all these names that don't really mean a lot to them whereas this way it may be a lot easier for them to memorize it and learn it and stuff, you know. It's a lot easier to learn because, you know, 'hey, that's on Star Trek.' or 'hey, that sounds pretty cool, like a weird name.' so it would kind of stick out to them." Vulcan is among 21 names in the running for the online poll to name the moons. It is the clear front runner receiving more than 100,000 out of approximately 330,000 votes. The two moons are about 15-20 miles wide and have been known as P4 and P5. Voting ends February 25 and then the world will know what to call Pluto’s new moons. Video Courtesy Of Reuters