Wimbledon Announces 40% Increase In Prize Money

Category: Sports / Apr 23, 2013 1:54PM EDT
Wimbledon 2013 will now boast the biggest prize money, with organizers announcing a 40% rise in the total prize money for the winners. Now many are left to wonder if they pay increase is worth especially in such a harsh economic climate. Phillip Brook the All England Club Chairman spoke about the adjustment at the news conference: "In terms of being internationally competitive, players at Wimbledon have always been and always will be, top of our agenda. The prize money landscape has changed significantly over the past year. Today represents an opportunity for us to express to all the players how much they are appreciated by Wimbledon." He went on to say that there was no pressure from the top ranked players, but it was a chance for the lower ranked players to make more money as they are often beaten in early rounds. In addition there was an announcement that the All England Club would be getting a facility make-over including a new retractable roof. Video Courtesy Of Reuters