Winston Churchill's Daimler Campaign Car Hopes To Fetch $1 Million

Category: Media & Culture / Apr 30, 2013 11:18AM EDT
The last existing "Daimler DB 18 Drophead Coupe" is on sale on ebay, and it has a very famous previous owner, Britain’s legendary war-time Prime Minister Winston Churchill. The car is being sold anonymously on behalf of a billionaire’s widow by a vintage car dealer in Western Germany. The Daimler is the last known model of it class. "The special thing about this car is that it is unique in the world," said Sabri Cakar, the manager of the car dealership "Fahrwerk Classics". "There were eight cars built (initially), four were destroyed during World War Two, two are missing and one is destroyed beyond repair. So this is the last known model in existence. And it was used by Mr Winston Churchill from 1944 until 1949." Some thought it was strange that the dealer chose ebay to sell the car, vs using national papers or the Internet. But he believes the interest in the car is so widespread, ebay would be the best place to auction the rare vehicle, much like the sale of the pope mobile through ebacy in 2005. The dealer is hoping to fetch a pretty penny for the Daimler. "An ideal sum would be a million. Which I hope for because the interest in it is huge," Cakar told Reuters. "One cannot really put a number to a collector's item. As I said, the interest is huge. I just hope that collectors are willing to pay a lot of money for it and the auction will fetch a lot." Video Source: Reuters