Winter Storm Dion Blankets Most Of The U.S In Ice, Snow And Wind

Category: Media & Culture / Dec 09, 2013 8:44AM EDT

Winter has hit the US with intense fury over the weekend, seeing a vast majority of the nation blanketed in ice, snow and heavy winds. Travel has been disrupted with many flights around the country being cancelled as roads were covered in ice, and conditions were dangerous.

Storm Dion has continued into Monday with more snow, ice and rain. It is estimated that central New York and New England can expect 1-5 inches of snow

Heavy snow and freezing rain lashed the central parts of the US, as power lines were also disrupted in certain areas. The storm began to move east on Sunday, as the US braced itself for some of the coldest temperatures in years.

Travelers are being warned to take care when driving, as roads are dangerous and visibility is poor. If you are taking a flight, be sure to check your itinerary online for any flight changes or cancellations.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters