Woman Accused Of Murdering Two Lovers Appears In Court

Category: World / Nov 19, 2012 10:38AM EDT
The trial of Estebaliz C, an ice cream shop owner accused of murdering her husband, ex-lover and then burying them started in Vienna on Monday (November 19). The then 32-year old Estebaliz C. allegedly killed her husband in 2008 by shooting him twice in the back of his head when he refused to leave her after she admitted she had a lover. She then cut his body into pieces with a chainsaw and sealed them in concrete in the basement of her shop. Two years later she allegedly killed her lover by shooting him four times in the head after she had discovered he was seeing another woman. She also cut his body into pieces and buried the parts in concrete next to her husband's remains. Before committing the second murder she allegedly took shooting lessons and a course in concrete mixing. Construction workers who were installing new pipes in the building discovered Bones and body parts in 2011. Estebaliz C, who was pregnant at the time, fled to Italy in a taxi and was arrested there and extradited to Austria.