World’s First Lab Grown Beef Burger: Mixing Science To Create Historic Recipe

Category: Technology / Aug 05, 2013 1:44PM EDT

Making history in London was the world’s first lab grown beef burger which was revealed by scientist Mark Post. The reveal was followed by a tasting in front of a curious audience.

The burger is an example of what could be the answer to solve global food shortages in the face of climate change: But what it in this lab grown burger?

The meat was made of 20,000 strands of protein that has been cultured from cattle stem cells. Other burger ingredients were also used like salt, breadcrumbs, and egg powder. The tasting went exceptionally well as one of the tasters described it as “juicy as meat can be”.

This innovative burger is progressive not only in terms of science but in helping the animals as a friendly alternative to meat production. While Monday’s Burger is the first of its kind, while it’s heading in the right direction we probably won’t see it being produced in the market in the next 20 years.

The future of the burger though may be forever changed with this burger that used science as its biggest ingredient.


Video Courtesy Of Reuters