World's Highest Mountain Suffers From Global Warming-Promo

Category: Daily Promo / May 14, 2013 11:30AM EDT


Scientists have discovered that the seracs on Mount Qomolangma, which is the earth summit, are shrinking fast as a result of global warming. Science and research are constantly proving that global warming is an issue that cannot be ignored, especially in the face of rising temperatures around the world.

The world’s highest mountain is now another piece of evidence in the case of global warming and its effects on our changing planet.  The expedition begun in 2008 and scientists used photographs to measure that that a group of seracs had melted to half its size. The shrinking glaciers are changing very fast which has caused this group of scientists to worry.

The group will now continue to examine the seracs as well as looking for other vital clues to investigate the extent of global warming.

Video Courtesy Of Reuters