Yoko Ono Visits Retrospective Of Her Avant-Garde Work

Category: Media & Culture / Feb 14, 2013 4:31PM EDT
Many people know Yoko Ono because of her relationship with Beatles' frontman John Lennon. But a new retrospective in Frankfurt shows that Lennon's widow was already an Avant-garde artist in her own right before she met the famous band leader. Max Hollein, director of the Schirner Art Gallery said Ono was not only one of the most prominent figures in cultural history of the Twentieth Century, "but on the other hand who is an Avant-garde artist, who's work is extremely relevant for a next generation of artists and who developed a work in the 60ies and 70ies that is without precedent and really explored the borders of conceptual and performative art." On Thursday (February 14) Ono herself visited "Half-A-Wind-Show. A retrospective". "You have within you what is making you a creative person, and that's being an artist. All of you are artists and please understand that and bring out the truth in yourself." "We are all here to better the world, because if we don't better the world the world is going through a doomsday and we are all gonna disappear together. So maybe some people just to jump out of the high building and die. Well, I am not ready for that,” Ono said. About 100 art works are put on show, including installations, movies, photography and paintings. "Half-A-Wind-Show" will be opened in Frankfurt until May 12, afterwards the retrospective will be shown in Norway, Austria and Spain.