Zombies Roam The Streets Of Tokyo For Parade Of The 'Undead'

Category: Media & Culture / Apr 01, 2013 3:57PM EDT
Stumbling and groaning, around 50 zombies wandered through the streets of Tokyo on Sunday (March 31) for a parade of the undead. While over 150 willing participants showed up to the reception, only the first 40 people were allowed to participate due to parade permit restrictions. The parade kicked off at 2 pm local time and lasted about 45 minutes as the slow-moving zombies made their way through the parade route. Zombie mania has not made as big an impact in Japan as it has elsewhere but event organizer Naomi told Reuters she definitely sees an increase in those interested in the 'undead' culture due to the influence of foreign films and TV programs. Originally, event organisers wanted to create a zombie flash mob, but strict city rules and over-crowded Tokyo streets prevented it. "In Japan it is pretty hard to do that (zombie flash mobs) so unless we follow the rules to set-up a gathering we won't be able to apply to have the movement, so until now there were no precedents for this kind of activity but we love zombies and we wanted to do this so we organized the event," Naomi said. While some participants arrived in character, others were transformed on site by volunteers. Some zombies said it was their love of zombie culture that prompted them to participate. Two recent college graduates said it was a last chance to do something that might otherwise be viewed unacceptable as a professional. "At the conclusion of my student career I thought to become a zombie and die once, then be re-born again as a new freshman company employee," Erika Takakuwa, who will starts her new job Monday (April 1). For many, the best part of the zombie walk is the scary make-up. "I haven't had a chance to check how I look yet so I am a little scared," 22-year-old Sae Iwamura said. The next Zombie Walk is scheduled for May 2013. (Video Source: REUTERS)